I’ve always been big into Christmas decorating. I took over the decorating of the house for my parents when I was 14. My dad supplied the ladder and in early December I could be found on top of the roof stringing the lights, taping lights in every window in the house and threading them through tree branches. I can’t wait to have a house to decorate the outside of again. For now I make due with decorating the interior of our little apartment.

Today I set up the nativity set and hung lights and stockings and other Christmas decorations while the delicious smell of my Apple Wreath candle burned nearby. The boys we’re thrilled to help me tape lights to their bedroom window. After all of the lights were strung they insisted on turning off every light in the apartment to enjoy the glow. And they spoke excitedly of picking out a fresh Christmas tree in a week. I love Christmas decorations. And I love doing the decorating.