We've been having some great growing success in our Austin garden since we moved here. We've enjoyed salad greens, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cucumbers, beets, strawberries, spinach, kale and loads of herbs. Right now we're working on green beans, green peas and carrots as well. I love all of the amazing insects that having a flourishing garden brings, even though that means they're there to munch on everything. Just seeing wildlife of almost any variety brings a smile to my face. 

I found this big beautiful black swallowtail caterpillar hanging out on our parsley today. So I decided to bring him inside and place him in our butterfly habitat. He has been devouring parsley all day and the kids are fascinated watching him munch. 

Take a look at those "claws". I have no idea what they are really called but they look sharp. Also, amazing!

This guy is just so pretty. It's fascinating watching him move around, lift his head off the branch in search of more food. He looks ready to form a chrysalis any day. I'm excited to take some pictures of that as well.

I love watching LDS General Conference not only for the spiritual strengthening it provides me, but for the common sense, practical living applications as well. Concepts and truths are taught that can help anyone, religious or not, lead a happier life.

My favorite speaker this time around was Elder Michael John U. Teh. His talk titled, "Where your treasure is" was a positive influence and example of the mindset I am trying to adopt.

It is easy as a thrifter/deal seeker, to justify purchasing things I don't really need because they are a steal! Sometimes I browse craigslist, local garage sale sites and thrift stores just to "see" if there is anything I "need" on them. But if I don't know I "need" it until I see it, it's likely something I can do without. That doesn't mean life should be restricted to food and shelter living only. As humans we have a desire to move beyond the motions, to do more than survive. We want to live and thrive in happiness! But sometimes we gain false ideas of how to live well and of what we need to be happy.

Gaining true happiness isn't about owning things, it's about owning ourselves. Our own mentality.  We need to become aware that if we're not content with what we already have, we probably won't be content with anything else we acquire. I have to remind myself to often, that I have enough. That money and time are so easily wasted on things that won't matter to me in a short while.  That purchasing on impulse is always a really, really, silly idea.

I designed a printable of a quote within Elder Teh's talk that continues to resonate. It is simple but it is true and it is a good reminder for me every day, to look at what I have, and decide it is enough.

My printables are free for personal use. They may not be put up for sale or altered in any way. Thanks!
Here is a follow up to my previous post that had a family group sheet designed for those ancestors who were exceedingly fertile. : ) This group sheet is just a smaller version. One sided, with space for up to 7 children and some notes. Again, it's free and coordinates well with my pedigree chart.

Remember, these are not to be used for re-sale. Personal use only and no modifications to the design.  Thank you!

So sometimes in my genealogy research I've run across a married couple that have tons of children. And I haven't found a family group sheet that I like the look of, that has room for so many children. So I set to work designing one. It doesn't have an option to select gender on it but I'll just include an (M) or (F) after any unisex name. The sheet I created is two pages so you can print double sided if you want and it also coordinates with the  Free Printable Pedigree Chart I created a couple of weeks ago. Once again there is a print and fill pdf version and there is a type fillable pdf version. Maybe I'll also create a one sided version with notes for smaller family units. Hope you enjoy it!

Remember, all of my free printables are for personal use only. Thanks!