There are some old photo repository's on the internet which I might submit this to eventually but for now I'll add it in a post here and maybe someone who is looking will find it via google. It was taken sometime around 1930 in Minneapolis, Kansas, and the reason I have it is because my husband's grandmother is among those pictured. 

First Row: Bonnie Dee FORSBURG, Edith GEORGE, Unknown, Audrey MERRYFIELD, Charlotte CZAPANSKY, Unknown, Melvin ZUCKER, Maurice MILLER.

Second Row: John ANDERSON, Lorraine BREWER, Unknown EVERLY, Theda FETTERS, Isabell Unknown, Unknown PORTER, Unknown EVERLY, Marsha CZAPANKSY, Unknown, Leo FORSBURG

Third Row: Georgia Fern BEAR, Betty BREWER, Allan Ray NEELY, Unknown, Virginia TRUMP, Helen MERRYFIELD, Wilma Lou GEORGE, Anna Marie MILLER, Marjorie ZUKER, Mary Margaret ANDERSON

Fourth Row: Shirley PORTER, Mary E. BEAR, Mildred GEORGE, Mr. LUMBER (Pastor), Mrs. Lumber, Phyllis FETTERS, Virginia STRATTON