Newly Hatched Reticulated Albino Python

What a beauty!
Tarantulas, Snakes and Lizards you say? Yes, this was one of my more unique photo shoots. Good thing I'm not squeamish around these kinds of creatures... well, for the most part. The Tarantulas had me a bit nervous after I saw just how fast they can move, but my desire to photograph their incredible beauty overcame any worry.

Breeders Joey and Whitney Mugleston asked me to photograph some of their awesome collection for upcoming shows. Let's start with the tarantulas shall we? First off is the beautiful "ballerina spider" as I call her.



Spider or no, those pink and blue hues are stunning right? And below is why I call her a ballerina. She's got pink slippered toes.


Next we have another vibrant beauty in electric blue and yellow:


A close up of her eyes, and yes, I was really that close:


This little beauty, well...the day before the shoot, ripped two legs off of a male that wanted to get feisty.


Look at this one with incredible black fangs, ready to strike if I get close enough:


Here is a crested lizard with stunning blue eye liner:


And another crested lizard with a vibrant blue and yellow gullet:



I got a little too close to him here. Upon seeing the crested lizard in the camera lens he tried to attack. He whipped my cheek with his tail as he did so.

Now for the snakes. Albino Python babies that will be going up for sale soon. They start out orange and as they mature become a creamy yellow.



This little fella struck and missed me by about half an inch.



I'll be sssssseeing you with more exotic animal pictures in the future as I photograph more of their collection.