Dying to get my husband out of the house

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I’m not the only one who has a social hermit for a husband right?

He always enjoys himself when he attends large gatherings and the like but I have to drag him along every time. So that is why I’m always eager to let him hang with someone doing something he enjoys when the invite comes along. Which isn’t very often. He doesn’t know any other guys out here well enough to just go and chill. He used to golf with one or two every couple weeks or so but they’ve since moved away. So you can imagine my delight when he got a call today from someone we know through church, asking him if he wanted to go fly fishing.

*I may or may not have discovered this person was a fly fisherman and practically begged asked him to invite my husband on an outing with him at least once.

Hubby was a huge fly fisherman back when we lived in Utah but he hasn’t gone out for 5 years now, what with work and family life being most important. But I know he wishes he could and really loves the sport. So hubby timidly told me this person had left a message for him but that he wouldn’t call back if I didn’t want him to go. After all my mom is in town and I had planned for her to take a family picture of us at some flower gardens this afternoon.

Well forget that! We can go tomorrow!

I told him to hurry and call back. In the meantime I went looking for some of his fly fishing equipment that I was betting I had stored in different boxes in all different areas of the apartment. It only took a moment to find his fishing vest for him and he gathered the rest of his tools, including his rod. That was when he realized he didn’t see his reel and he had no idea where it was. Likely I had packed it away too but could I remember where? No, and his buddy would be here very soon.

So crazy dear little wife that I am, I ransacked my house. Every place I thought it might be became an instant mess as I pulled out boxes, bags and the like. I tore apart our bedroom closet, the hallway closet, the entry way closet and the storage area beneath our bed in search of his reel so he could get out and do something he loved with somebody other than me.

In the end we couldn’t find it and his fishing buddy was waiting downstairs. Hubby glumly called him and informed him the reel was not to be found. But fishing buddy relayed the fact that he had an extra reel Hubby could use. Hooray!

As Hubby grabbed his stuff to run out the door I jokingly told him that he owed me big time. But all I really needed in return for my ransacking my house was given me at the door – a quick kiss and the happy look on his face as he walked out the door.


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