Funny things my kids say #14

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We couldn’t find a sitter to watch Vanessa the other night so hubby opted to stay home from Monsters vs. Aliens with her. Therefore we invited one of my sons’ friends, Sam to join us.

We picked up Sam from his house, buckled him into the middle seat and began our 25 minute ride to the movie theater where the advanced screening was being shown. You may not believe me when I declare that I was entertained just as well prior to the movie by the bits of conversation going on in the back seat, as I was actually watching the movie, but it’s true. Children's conversations are often highly amusing and these three little dudes altogether were no exception:

Ethan: Do you know where we’re going Sam?
Sam: No. My mom didn’t tell me.
Ethan: We’re going to see MONSTERS VS. ALIENS!!!!!!
Sam: Cool!!
Ethan: Hey have you ever been to chocolate world? It’s so awesome!!
Caleb: I luuuuuuuuv Chocolate!! Mmmmmmmmm!!!!
Sam: No. Hey, have you ever been to a water park?
Ethan and Caleb: No.
Sam: We went to this way cool park up in Boston…
Ethan: Hey Boston is where Bill Pinkney is from!! 
Sam: Whos Bill Pinkie?
Ethan: Pink-NEE! He’s a guy I learned about for black history month
Sam: What did he do?
Ethan: I don’t remember.
Sam: Oh, well you know this other cool place I once went to, I think it was sorta near New Hampshire…
Caleb: New Hamster?!? *hysterical laughter* Hey! Hey! We hab a hamster! Her name is Honey!
Sam: No! New HAMP-SHEER!!

Caleb: I luuuuuuv hamsters!
That was just the most comical part that I committed to memory. Their 10 second attention spans combined with random facts and favorite past times made it very hard for me to contain my chuckles. The enjoyable moments of parenthood make the difficult moments all the more worthwhile.


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