A moment of panic

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I tucked the boys into bed tonight, after a story and several hugs and kisses. As always, I check on them several times before I retire, to give them additional kisses, make sure their limbs aren’t hanging off their beds and to adjust the covers. Not a peep had been made since tucking them in so I entered their room thinking I would find them sound asleep.

Ethan lay sprawled across his bed snoring lightly, and then my eyes drifted over to Caleb's bed.
Where is my son?!? I thought frantically. The bed was empty. My eyes darted around the room. No sign of Caleb. Immediate panic filled thoughts entered my head but I attempted to quell them by reminding myself we lived three stories up. No one could have taken him, right?

I looked in both bedrooms tossing toys and laundry about. I looked in the bathrooms and closets. Okay, starting to really worry again. Back to the bedrooms. I suddenly realized there was something odd looking about the bedroom. It took me a moment and then I caught it. The kids giant stuffed animals, Tigger and Pooh and Nemo and Bunny and Gorilla were barricading the bottom of the crib. I yanked several of them out at once, to see a little hand. And then all of Caleb, his chest rising and falling softly, sleeping soundly underneath the crib. Not even stirring as his mommy let out a huge sigh of relief, picked him up and laid him gently in his bed.


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