You know your 4 year old watches Ninja Turtles too much when...

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….the delivery man comes to the door and the 4 year old yells, “Yeah! Pizza time!” and proceeds to scarf down one whole piece of pizza, when previously, he has never touched the stuff.

….he responds when you call him Michaelangelo, even better than he does to his own name.

….the jump rope, his sandals, the play station controller, his belt and the detachable cd player cord have all been used at different times as Nunchucks.

….his ninja turtle figures must accompany him on all outings, along with a longish thin object for fighting bad guys. This includes but is not limited too, a toy light saber, a crayon, a butter knife, a paper towel tube, etc.

….he announces to every stranger he meets, “I a enjin tortol!”


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