Funny things my kids say #5

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Hubby made us some nice juicy hamburgers for dinner last night. After the table was set and the food placed thereon we gathered around to bless the food. Caleb realized in excitement it was time for prayer and raised his hand shouting, “I say it! I say it!”

“Okay son, say the prayer,” said Hubby, “and don’t forget to bless the food.”


This is what followed:

“Dear Hebby Fodder, *mumble mumble mumble*…and tanka for a Daddy’s Krabby Patty, an a Mommy’s Krabby Patty, *more mumbling* AMEN!!”

Of course by that time Hubby and I were trying very hard not to snicker about the mention of Krabby Patty’s but when he said amen we started laughing.Ethan , seeing the grown ups laughing and wanting to be in on the joke began fake laughing himself and in as adult a voice as possible stated, “That’s the funniest thing I never heard!”

Cue more laughter from mom and dad.
Kids say the cutest things.


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