We've got another one Potty Trained!

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So I got some great suggestions about Potty Training recently . I combined a few of the ideas and implemented a plan of action immediately.

I took Caleb's diaper away and put him in some of big brother’s underwear. Then I watched him like a hawk. He still ended up peeing on himself and was rather upset about the wetness dripping down his legs. So I told him if he didn’t want to feel that he was going to have to pee on the potty. He whined for his diaper but I stood firm. He told me later he had to pee, so I followed him into the bathroom where he leaned all his weight on his chicken legs against the toilet and pushed his gut out as far as possible. I waited with baited breath. Then, came the tiny stream and the little tinkling sound! You can bet I made a party out of it. Between my laughing with joy, and shouting “yes” and asking for about 7 high fives I think he realized he had just done a very wonderful thing indeed. I told him we were going right out to buy him big boy underwear. So we did. He was excited to pick out a shiny package of Cars underwear and when we came home he got to put a pair on. It’s been fairly smooth sailing ever since.

He refused to poop on the potty at first. The first time he had to go, he ran out of his bedroom, underwear around his legs shouting, “Poops!” while holding his bottom. I grabbed him beneath his armpits holding him well away from me as I rushed him to the toilet. After that, he pooped in his underwear a couple times and that’s when I decided maybe bribery would work. So I told him we would get him a Planet Hero toy if he pooped on the potty three times in one week. It worked, he got his toy and I have a near potty trained boy. He’s still wearing pull-ups at night but he wears underwear all day and I’ve even dared to take him out of the house in it. Now I just have to get him to stop mooning everyone at his first urge to go. He pulls those pants down before I notice half the time.

Hey, if you made it this far you probably have kids, and if not then you must be an extremely bored soul. Until you have kids you don’t know just how exciting talking about pee and poop can be.


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