Laugh about it now, and later

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Tonight hubby and I were chuckling as we remembered some moments in Ethan's toddlerhood. We came out to the living room one morning to find melted ice cream puddles on the carpet and cars covered in ice cream. A three year old Ethan wearing only a diaper was sitting in one of the puddles, holding a truck. When we asked why in the world he had made such a mess he said, “I jus wanted to dwive my twucks fwoo da ice cweam.”

Perfectly logical don’t you think?

Another time when Ethan was the same age, Hubby found our white laundry strewn on the floor covered in Carribean Jerk sauce. Yes, Ethan had invaded the fridge, unscrewed the lid on the bottle and poured the dark brown sauce all over the whites just for fun. What prompted him to do so, we’ll never know. We were a bit upset about that one then. But we laughed heartily about it tonight.

I’ll try to remember these sorts of moments so I can keep my temper under better control when the next crazy thing happens. Because I’ll either be laughing about it in the future, or I’ll have forgotten it altogether, which means it likely wasn’t important enough to get mad about in the first place.


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