DIY Drawer Organizers

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I've been wanting to organize our kitchen drawers since we moved in. I found some organizers at thrift stores that worked as a temporary solution but they were very inefficient. They were too small for the drawers and left inches of awkward and unused space. Well I have finally built custom organizers for our kitchen drawers!

 My inspiration came from Kevin & Amanda via Pinterest. I looked at their pictures and then went to my local hardware store to find what worked best for me. Here is what I used and how I put them together:


Miter Saw
Measuring Tape
Wood Glue
#18x3/4" Wire Brads
Poplar Boards at .25"x2.5"x48"

How to

Decide on how you want to arrange your drawer, measure your boards to fit and then cut the boards. Once I did that I dabbed some wood glue on the boards, stuck them together and then nailed two brads where the boards met. I did not glue or nail the inserts into the drawers. That way, as you can see from the picture below, they can be easily removed for drawer clean out.


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