Priceless Blessings of Temples

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So for my church lesson this past Sunday I decided I wanted to use quotes and direction from the manual, but organize those things into categories that President Gordon B. Hinckley provided back in 1993 when describing the purpose of Temples. 

The Temple is a symbol of strength

Quote 1: “The temple is a constant, visible symbol that God has not left man to grope in darkness...The temple is a standing witness that the power of God can stay the powers of evil in our midst.”

Do you remember the first time you saw a temple? Do you remember when you first decided it was where you wanted to go someday? If you haven't been yet and don't know why you should go there let's learn more about the purpose of temples.

The temple is a school of instruction

Quote 2: “Though we live in a fallen world- a wicked world -holy places are set apart and consecrated so that worthy men and women can learn the order of heaven and obey God’s will.”

What is meant by “the order of heaven”?

Quote 3: President Brigham Young said, “Our religion is nothing more nor less than the true order of heaven - the system of laws by which the gods and the angels are governed.”

Under the definition of Law on the Harold B. Lee Library website a paragraph states, “Existence is a process of progressively learning to obey higher law. Obeying and conforming to law are understood as a sign of growth, maturity, and understanding and greater obedience to law produces great freedom.

We begin learning about laws and consequences soon after we are born on earth and we progress in our understanding and obedience to laws until we are able to come to the temple and further our spiritual education.

The temple is a house of covenants

Quote 4: “When our Heavenly Father placed Adam and Eve on this earth, He did so with the purpose in mind of teaching them how to regain His presence. Our Father promised a Savior to redeem them from their fallen condition. He gave to them the plan of salvation and told them to teach their children faith in Jesus Christ and repentance. Further, Adam and his posterity were commanded by God to be baptized, to receive the Holy Ghost, and to enter into the order of the Son of God.  - To enter into the order of the Son of God is the equivalent today of entering into the fullness of the Melchizidek Priesthood, which is only received in the house of the Lord.”

What is meant by entering into the fullness of the Melchizidek Priesthood?  

Quote 5: “The order of the priesthood spoken of in the scripture is sometimes referred to as the patriarchal order because it came down from father to son. But this order is otherwise described in modern revelation as an order of family government where a man and woman enter into a covenant with God - just as did Adam and Eve - to be sealed for eternity, to have posterity, and to do the will and work of God throughout their mortality. If a couple are true to their covenants, they are entitled to the blessings of the highest degree of the celestial kingdom. These covenants today can only be entered into by going to the House of the Lord.”
When one receives all the ordinances of the temple, he or she has received a "fullness of the priesthood." These temple ordinances culminate in being sealed to our spouse for time and eternity.
To those who have not found a companion whom they wish to marry or those who have gone through divorce, the blessings of the gospel are still open to you. Prophets have long taught that the Lord will judge us according to the desires or our hearts when certain blessings are withheld or covenants are broken in this life.

The temple is a sanctuary of service

Quote 6: “Temples are built and dedicated so that, through the priesthood, parents can be sealed to their children and children can be sealed to their parents. These sealing ordinances apply to both the living and the dead... It is not sufficient for a husband and wife to be sealed in the temple to guarantee their exaltation...they must also be eternally linked with their progenitors and see that the work is done for those ancestors….Exaltation is a family affair!”

President Gordon B. Hinckley taught: “This [the temple] is a sanctuary of service. Most of the work done in this sacred house is performed vicariously in behalf of those who have passed beyond the veil of death. I know of no other work to compare with it. It more nearly approaches the vicarious sacrifice of the Son of God in behalf of all mankind than any other work of which I am aware.”

Brother John A. Widtsoe once stated that “Those who give themselves with all their might and main to this work...receive help from the other side, and not merely in gathering genealogies. Whosoever seeks to help those on the other side receives help in return in all the affairs of life.”

The temple is a place of revelation

Quote 7: “In the course of our visits to the temple, we are given insights into the meaning of the eternal journey of man. We see beautiful and impressive symbolisms of the most important events-past, present, and future-symbolizing man’s mission in relationship to God...In the peace of these lovely temples, sometimes we find solutions to the serious problems of life. Under the influence of the Spirit, sometimes pure knowledge flows to us there. Temple are places of personal revelation. I promise you that, with increased attendance in the temples of our God, you shall receive increased personal revelation to bless your life as you bless those who have died.

Suggestions for Further Study:

The Law After Christ by Stephen E. Robinson

The Salt Lake Temple by Gordon B. Hinckley

Temple Worship by Richard G. Scott

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The Necessity for Receiving the Priesthood Ordinances of Salvation by Bruce Satterfield

The Keys and Authority of the Priesthood by Dallin H. Oaks

A History of Temples by James E. Talmage


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