Funny things my kids say #3

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Crayon in hand, Caleb fidgets in his chair, trying to pay attention to the workbook in front of him. He knows what mommy wants him to do, he really does want to listen, but it’s just so hard being four.

“Which of these pictures, is diff-er-ent?” I ask him, pointing to the row of cars

He looks at me, obviously confused. I try a different approach

“What color is this one?”

“WED!” he shouts

“And this one?”


“And this one?”


“So this one is different, right?”

“I circa it mommy?”

I sigh and nod.

We try again with the next row. This time it’s turtles.

“What turtle is different from the others?” I ask hopefully

For a moment he looks confused, then I can see him working it out. Yes, he’s getting it! He opens his mouth wide.

“Deezus!!” he announces proudly

I roll my eyes and chuckle softly. So, it has come to this again. The answer he gives to every question he doesn’t know the answer too. The one he learned in Sunday school.

“Jesus is the answer to everything isn't it?” I say to Caleb

I suppose he's right.


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