Little Boys and Star Wars

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I’m speaking Ewokese, I think I’m speaking Ewokese, I really think so

Ah, boys and Star Wars and toy light sabers. I think I’ve finally had enough of ‘em around here. In case you didn’t know, my boys love Star Wars. And they don’t just watch Star Wars anymore. They’ve discovered the joy of pausing their favorite action sequences over and over and over. They’ve discovered the joy of acting out certain movie scenes as they play. Light sabers in hand Ethan and Caleb act out every little detail.

Today, during a scene with the Emperor in Star Wars VI, Caleb mercilessly struck Ethan with imaginary lightning bolts. Ethan spasmed and twitched on the floor.

“Caleb, stop using the force on your brother, he’s gonna hurt himself!” I said.

Anyway, another fun feature they’ve discovered while playing their favorite movies is the subtitle and languages button. I have now heard parts of Star Wars in French, German and Spanish, in addition to seeing subtitles in those same languages. Today they were watching it in English with English subtitles and I happened to turn my head to see my favorite little Ewok, Wicket (played by the talented Warwick Davis, who also stars in another movie I like, Willow). As he said something to a fellow Ewok, a subtitle appeared at the bottom of the screen that read Speaking Ewokese.

Immediately that song by The Vapors popped into my head, “I’m turning Japanese,” changed of course in thought to, “I’m Speaking Ewokese”.

Of course it’s true, I do speak Ewokese. This is evident by my children’s failure to listen to anything I say. They must not understand me. I must be an Ewok, cute and a little bossy, but not a real threat. Oh ho ho, that must change. Hmmm, now there’s the question of how to do it without going over to the dark side of the force…


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