I'd like to use the bathroom in peace please!

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If one of my children barges into the bathroom when more time on me I’m going to cry.

Our crummy apt. door locks only work 1/3 of the time and a closed door means nothing to these kiddos.

At least Caleb made me laugh after he pounded the door open earlier today right after I had stepped out of the shower. He took one look at me and said with worry on his face,

“Mom, your weenies aw gone!”

“Yes indeed son. Thank you for letting me know. NOW GET OUT!!”

Peeing is a spectacle. Showering is a spectacle. Getting dressed is a spectacle. These little boys seem to know just when they shouldn’t be banging doors open and proceed to do so anyway, gawking with fascination at the obvious differences they have just begun to notice.  I’m going to have to start barricading the doors!


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