Kids are so fast

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I’ve been sitting here commenting on some of my favorite blogs, frequently checking on the baby crawling around on the floor. One comment took a little less than two minutes to formulate. I turned around to see a happy baby smiling at me with completely blue fists and a blue mouth.

“Ack!” I cried, startled.

I ran to her and grabbed a tiny blue ink pad out of her baby fist (it was the top to a Spiderman pen Caleb left on the floor). She then stuck her tongue out at me which was also completely coated in blue. Upon further examination I found her gums and her first baby tooth that she cut just 4 days ago were also completely blue. I might have taken a picture if I wasn’t freaking out just a bit.

I rushed her to the bathroom, held her over the sink and with cupped hands full of water started trying to rub the blue ink off her face and out of her mouth. It lightened only slightly.

Then came the rubbing alcohol and the cotton balls (for the face not in the mouth) and finally a toothbrush. She enjoyed all of it thoroughly, thinking that I was playing a new game.

“Yes baby, this is called the, 'Let’s scrub your face raw so mom doesn’t look like a shmuck' game.”

The rubbing alcohol and cotton balls only worked slightly around her mouth and cheeks, but the soft bristled toothbrush was what finally got it all off. The toothbrush worked on her gums and baby tooth as well but her tongue is still a light blue color. Testament to the fact that, yes, mom looked away. Even if it was only for two minutes.


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