Moments in a day

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1. Yesterday as I nursed Vanessa in the computer chair while reading blogs, I leaned back too far and tipped us over. As we fell in seeming slow motion I tightened my left arm firmly around her and braced us for the fall with my right. But the force of impact catapulted her right out of my left arm. She was about to face plant onto the carpet when my right arm (thank goodness for reflexes) caught her across the belly, her nose an inch from the floor. Though not hurt she cried for a minute because of fright. Then it was back to sucking happily on the mama, while the mama chuckled and shook her head at the instant replay she kept seeing in her head.

2. On the day we actually went out and did something really cool (Science center), Caleb peed all over himself. And me being the good mama that I was, I rubbed the wet spots with damp paper towels, put the pants back on my son and told him to go play some more because we weren’t leaving after we’d just arrived.

3. Ethan informed me at dinner the other night that, “you make da worst dinners of da house.”
I’m really not a bad cook people. He was trying to say that Daddy’s dinners are better. Hubby has been cooking for months now and he’s better at it than I am. He’s a cook. I’m a good recipe follower. And Ethan is going to be eating soap if he doesn’t learn some tact.


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