Summer and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

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Sometimes, you just have one of those days.

You wake up aching from head to foot, sniffling and coughing. The throbbing in your head compounded by shouting little voices.

The husband is sick too and is leaving for work late and before noon has even arrived you’ve snapped at your him and your kids a few times. Then you have a miscommunication about who is supervising the kids during finger painting and both of you are astonished to emerge from where you had been, to see bright red foot prints on the carpet leading to the bathroom door.

Then there is more snapping about the poor communication and frustration as the husband has to leave for work and can’t help your aching self clean up the mess. The mess that is smeared over the entire table, two chairs and a good size section of carpet. The bright red mess that is now a rather visible pink reminder on the floor. Before scrubbing you put the children, who are also mostly red, into the shower.

You get things cleaned up just in time to hear moans of “I’m hungry!” and now it’s time to fix lunch. And when you open the fridge something catches the door. Knowing you probably shouldn’t, but impatient and already incredulous about things, you yank on the door to get the fridge open and the worcestershire sauce falls out, lid flies off and part of your kitchen floor is covered in brown liquid.

You shake your head and chuckle maniacally to yourself while sopping up the mess. “Of course!” you say, trying to laugh to keep the tears away.

Add to this that the baby won’t nap and has been screaming in her crib for the last half hour of cleaning and showering and cleaning again, and even laughing can’t keep the tears away.
After things have calmed down a bit, you get on the blog to write about it. Not for pity, but just to have other moms tell you that you’re not the only mother who has days where everything seems to combine against every ounce of patience you have. Right?


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