An Assortment of Christmas Photos

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Over the holiday season our family attended two different Christmas parties. Here are some of my favorite shots from each.These first few pictures were taken during a white elephant party we attended.

I just love this little girls bright bold eyes and her mischievous glance. It's like she's thinking, "Does mommy know this is my fourth cookie?"

The lighting on this one isn't so great but I love the expressions on mother and sons face.

The following little dudes have the most gorgeous eyes and cute chubby cheeks!

These next pictures were taken at our Church Christmas party.

My daughter made sure I noticed the snowflake confetti sprinkled on the tables. She loved it!

This woman is one I see at church nearly every Sunday and I have always thought she had such a beautiful weathered face. When I walked by her I knew I wanted a picture. She was a bit reluctant but cracked a little smile for me.


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