Ducks on a frozen pond

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My toddler and I drove around the country side a bit the other day, just looking for interesting things to photograph. Well, I was looking. She was snoozing. I didn't find much, but as I approached home I decided to turn onto a road directing me to St. Timothy's School. Just the name, St. Timothy's, had me thinking perhaps I might find some older architecture to photograph. I did not find any buildings that I felt photo worthy, but around a sharp turn we took as we were exiting the grounds, I saw a little man made pond that had a large flock of ducks swimming in it. The edges of the pond were frozen but the center of the pond was not, due to an active fountain in the middle.

As I approached the ducks they swam away from me and were too far for good pictures. It was then I remembered I had a granola bar in the car and after retrieving it and throwing bits of it onto the ice they were more than willing to take part in the photo shoot.


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