St. Thomas Parish or Garrison Forest Church Cemetery

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As I drove around the country side today, I came upon a lovely old church and its beautiful aged cemetery. I've always been drawn to cemeteries, as one of my passions is genealogy, and now I can remember my visits with better pictures. This cemetery contains many prominent figures who helped settle Owings Mills MD and the surrounding areas. A local sign reads that the parish was established in 1742 and a Reverend Thomas Craddock was inducted as first Minister 14 January 1745. I'm pretty certain a nearby road I passed named "Craddock Lane" must be called after him. The cemetery is open from dawn to dusk and is lovely to walk through.

View of the parish tower. It's a pretty building.

This grave site sits right next to Samuel Owings' for whom Owings Mills is named. Samuel's grave looks the same.

This mausoleum reads, "In memory of R.H. Moales". There are other Moales' buried here and there is a Moales Lane very near the cemetery.

Some other nice headstones...


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