Winter Nature in Baltimore

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These miniature pinecones are all over the trees and the ground.

A close up of a lovely shrub using my macro filter. I'm trying to identify this shrub but haven't found any matches so far.

Another closeup of a flower or leaf cluster on a shrub adjacent to the above mentioned one.

I found this tree particularly interesting as it has retained a clump of it's autumn colored leaves around the lower limbs only, leaving spiky looking branches reaching into the sky.

A small section of Roland Lake, located in the Robert E. Lee Memorial Park. Baby it's cold outside. Those ice fissures are gorgeous!

There is a very narrow road leading into the Robert E. Lee Memorial Park in Baltimore County and as today was a very cold and breezy day, (meaning few people wanted to visit a "walk in only" park) I was alone on it and could go as slowly as I liked up to the entrance. Otherwise I might never have noticed this beautiful little frozen waterfall.


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