Where does the time go?

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I've been working on transferring and backdating all of my old blog posts from summersnook.wordpress.com over here. I want everything I've written in one, free, place. For a while I really got into the whole bloggy thing, had giveaway parties and participated in blog challenges. I bought my own domain name (summersnook.com), had someone else come up with an official looking design, did reviews, got lots of comments, etc, etc. Even set up a couple of other blogs devoted entirely to one subject, and sure it was fun, but after a couple of years my motivation to blog started fading. It may have been the addition of more children, life getting busier or just because I overdid it but gradually my writing petered out.

I'm not expecting to get a second wind and go crazy like I did the first time, but as I read through some old posts last night I decided it would be good to do more than say, 2 posts a year. I loved reading through things that happened with my children and I haven't written about my younger two like I did my older two. Maybe because my older two were more difficult when younger and I needed it for my sanity? In any case I'd like to try and make that happen so I can tell them funny stories about themselves when they were young to make them laugh. We'll see if I can stick it out. It's true that life seems to just get busier, and I'm not even one of those, schedule everything to the max and have a million extra curricular activities, kind of mom.

This morning as I was working on joining some crochet motifs together, I looked over at my littlest one, sitting on the couch watching TV and had an overwhelming desire to just snuggle with him. So I joined him on the couch and we interacted with Team Umizoomi together. He's been so sick this past week with a nasty cough and snotty nose but his temperament in spite of that has been as always, loving and smiling and so sweet.

I remember when my other kids were his size and can't believe how much they've grown. Each age brings new challenges and new joys. It all goes by too fast. I hope someday they will read the things I've written about them and have a better understanding of just how much I love them.


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