Tutorial: How to join crochet motifs with pointed ends

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Before I begin this post I'll have you know that I am no crochet expert. I scoured the internet for a satisfactory post on how to join fine yarn motifs with pointy edges and didn't find anything that specific so I decided I would sit down, stare at two motifs with yarn in hand for a while and settle on whatever felt best to me. Here is how I joined my flower motifs.

First turn your motifs over so the back sides are facing you. Run a piece of yarn through each motif at the spot they will be joined together.

Tie an overhand knot and pull tight. I know that knot tying in crochet is supposedly a no no but the yarn I used was so fine that you can't even tell. You could even tie an overhand knot twice for extra security, just do NOT cut off the ends!

Now with your knot secured it's time to weave in the ends. You could weave in each side individually or you could hold the strands together and weave them in. I chose to do the latter, though I only used one strand for the demonstration pictures.

Zig zag the yarn up and down through the back stitches at the top of your petal as shown. Up:

Down through the next stitch.

Do this until you reach the base of the petal as shown below.

Now you're going to draw your yarn up through the back row of stitches on the same petal like so:

Once you've drawn it through the back of the petal, pull the yarn a little bit taut and cut it off right near where it comes out of the stitches. If the yarn is sticking out just pull on the petal a little until it disappears into the work. Below is the flower part of my bodice fully assembled and waiting for the next step.

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