Scorpion Photos and JMugleston's Exotics

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So having a sister and brother in law who breed exotic animals is really awesome. I get to go over every once in a while and take pictures of some animals in their massive collection. Today we shot everything from turtles to scorpions. And I held my first ever scorpion.

Yeah, it was big. Very big. But I wasn't afraid. My brother in law Joey told me this species is very chill and I trust him. It was honestly really cool feeling so many legs walking up my arm and over my hands. I think this scorpion is beautiful too. I've always had a love for animals of every variety so I guess it's easy for me to find the beauty in even so called scary creatures.

I just have to give a shout out, of my own accord, to them and their business, JMugleston's Exotics. Aside from letting me take pics and sell whatever shots I like in my etsy shop, they are such wonderful caretakers and have the ultimate collection. It's like they were both born for this. As a kid my sister was the main one bringing critters home - praying mantises, snakes, spiders (even a widow once!) frogs and more. She has always adored all things creepy crawly and she couldn't have met and fallen in love with anyone more understanding of that than Joey. They both have such a compassion for and understanding of the animals they take care of. They're crazy knowledgeble and like to educate others on proper care of the amazing creatures they raise. If you're looking for a pet that's anything but ordinary I highly recommend them. They're working on getting their website finished right now but they have a facebook page they update frequently.

Though this species isn't crazy aggressive you wouldn't want to make one mad. Just look at that stinger! I have quite a few pictures I'd like to share so hopefully I'll find some time to get them up soon and tell you more about them.


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