Children have no shame

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Once a year, our church has a sacrament meeting program put on by the children in our church. Today was that day.

Hubby, Vanessa and I sat in our pew while Ethan and Caleb sat up front with their Sunday school classmates and teachers. The children took turns reciting memorized lines about various aspects of the gospel: family, church, Jesus, etc. And interspersed were sweet little voices singing songs that had been learned in Primary (children’s sunday school) over the last month.

I loved watching Ethan and Caleb hop off of their seats as the music director stood up, waiting for the cue to start singing. Ethan’s voice carried over to us for the first few songs. Caleb just stood staring at the audience with slightly glazed eyes nearly the whole time, obviously day dreaming about something. Toward the end of the program, Ethan had decided that 30 minutes was way too long to be on the stand singing songs and was fidgeting accordingly.

Caleb on the other hand had decided that now would be the perfect time to imitate the music director’s hand motions and make silly faces. So I watched, trying to stifle my laughter over my boys silly antics. And then I saw Caleb's Index finger pop up and head for his nostril. Yes, there must always be at least one nose picking child in every public performance, and this time it was my child. Unashamedly picking his nose and then *cringe* inserting the finger into his mouth. *splutter* *cough* *gag*

I was so proud.


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