Gratitude for Simple Things

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Last night, shortly before bed, Caleb was enjoying a bowl of popcorn with his Hi-5 DVD when suddenly we heard:

Hubby: “What is it buddy?”
Caleb: “My teefs! Paw-corn’s stuck!”
Hubby: “Show me where.”
Caleb pointed to the offending popcorn kernel stuck between two of his “teef” and hyperventilated while daddy went to grab a tooth pick to get it out.
Hubby: “Say Aaahhh.”
Caleb: “Aaaaaahhhhhh!”
Hubby: “There, I got it.”
Caleb: (After licking his teeth and smacking his lips a couple of times) “Yeah, you dot it!”
Hubby: “Give me a hug buddy.”
Caleb: “Fanks for sabing me daddy!” (now looking at me) “Daddy sabed me!”
And with a satisfied smile he went merrily on his way, leaving Hubby and I to giggle over the daring rescue that had saved our son.
I am thankful every day for a multitude of things, but on different days different blessings are in the forefront of my mind. Today, I am so thankful for laughter and for the children who make me laugh every single day. I love them more than…well, if you’re a parent you know that my love for them cannot be described. But it is there and feeling love like that brings the greatest joy I’ve ever known.

And because I wouldn’t want Hubby to feel left out I guess I should say I’m thankful for him too. :)
In all seriousness, I can’t imagine a better husband, better marriage, better father, better counterpart. I know not everyone has found someone like that. I am truly thankful I have. Whether you’re thousand of miles from family and alone (like us) or surrounded by numerous loved ones, I hope today is a wonderful Thanksgiving Day for you.


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