Morning Snuggles

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I awake to the tinkling of raindrops against my window. I see the trees, their bark a drenched, dark brown. The autumn leaves are more vibrant when wet. Clear drops of water cling to their undersides, until a falling drop shakes it off, replacing it.

I turn away from the window and look at the baby sleeping next to me. Each inhalation is accompanied by snorting sounds and a tiny snot bubble popping out of one nostril. Placing my hand gently on her forehead, I smile to feel that her temperature is now normal. I think of our night together. Her waking often because the snot was too thick to breath through. Me offering my breast each time because I knew it would comfort her and lull her back to sleep. I pull her close to me.

My youngest son now enters the room. “It’s seben o’cwock!” he announces, coming to my side of the bed.

He looks at me and the baby snuggled in the covers and with a visible shiver says, “It’s fweezink!” and begins to climb into bed. I help him in and he snuggles up next to me. Then, looking up with those wide blue eyes he says, “I wub you mom.”

I squeeze him tight and kiss his forehead. There is nothing better than morning snuggles and freely given I love you’s from a child.


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