More sighing

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Does anyone know how long it takes for permanent marker to come off of skin? Because in the one minute time span I left Vanessa with Ethan to get a diaper the other day, I found him with a Sharpie and the beginnings of what might have been great art, drawn onto her head. It has now been three days and washing and time have not dimmed it’s obvious presence.

In other news, I forgot to mention in my previous post the 4 rolls of Christmas wrapping paper I found yesterday morning, unrolled or crinkled beyond repair lying in my closet and in the boys room. I guess Santa can’t even use the pieces that weren’t destroyed if he’s doesn’t want to blow his cover.

Also Vanessa, who was previously attached to mommy has recently become completely dependent on mommy. And it’s not in the, I’m so sad I’m not in your arms, puppy dog eyes kind of way.

It’s in the, “You did not just put me down!!! I am so ticked!” kind of way.

It’s in the, “I was happy in daddy’s arms until I saw you!!!!” kind of way.

It’s in the, “I’m dragging myself across the floor towards you wailing with fury so pick me up already!!!” kind of way.

Hey, she knows what she wants. Food. That’s me. Come here Food!

There are the bad times, the really bad times and the downright ugly times. But eventually I can laugh about them all. Some things are much more funny in hindsight. And some things are funny in the moment and for no reason at all. Like Caleb who is right this moment pounding on the toy guitar causing Vanessa to giggle uncontrollably, causing Caleb to giggle uncontrollably. And mom is now giggling over their adorable little giggles. I love moments like these.


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